The Importance of Empowering Women

When discussing women’s empowerment and women’s rights, Meghan Markle recently summed it up perfectly: 

You’re helping women find their voices. I fundamentally disagree with that because women don’t need to find a voice—they have a voice. They need to feel empowered to use it and people need to be encouraged to listen.” This could not be truer.

With the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up campaign making waves around the globe, it’s clear that women are feeling more empowered to use their voices.  As Meghan Markle points out, the question remains, how do we continue to empower women? And ultimately, how do we ensure we’re actively listening?

While the idea of women supporting other women seems logical, it isn’t always natural. This stems from mankind’s early days when competing for males and resources was essential to women’s survival. A study published by The Royal Society revealed that although female competition may appear more passive and subtle, it can be just as detrimental and concerning as male competition. Researchers explain that when females sense the threat of competition, they respond with indirect aggression such as a reputational attack, stigmatization and exclusion – sound familiar? This could be why you have jealous impulses when your bff tells you some good news. These biologically ingrained responses that cause cutthroat behaviour, criticism and sabotage towards one another, can make it difficult for women to naturally choose collaboration, support and friendship instead.


While it might not seem instinctively natural to empower our fellow women, the benefits are far reaching. When women empower and support other women, not only does connection, community and friendship form, but real change is also ignited.

One Canadian company that recognizes this need and the power of the female collective is The Ace Class, a media and events company designed and created by women for women. Its intention is to change the way women connect with one another, by fostering an environment that values community over competition, support over sabotage and celebration over criticism.

Although the company was founded in Calgary by lady boss Mandy Balak, its movement is making waves all over the country with events and experiences already launched in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, with Toronto set to make its official launch on March 17 at the Gladstone Hotel with its signature Babes Who Brunch event.

Each Babes Who Brunch event serves as an excellent networking opportunity, it is led by one fierce female keynote speaker who shares her insights, experiences and life story – aka #realtalk for real women.

the-ace-class-women-empowerment-girl-boss-julie-harrish-mandy-balakKicking off this incredible movement and event series is Julie Harrish, Chief Idea Officer at 6ix Cycle Spin Studio. Julie boldly left her oil and gas career behind in Calgary and moved across the country to bring her vision for creating a more vibrant and richer fitness scene in Toronto to life through 6ix Cycle Spin Studio.

The business exudes everything Julie is passionate about and boasts so much more than bikes, beats and lululemon attire. Instead, like The Ace Class, 6ix Cycle Spin Studio offers a space for people to become the best versions of themselves with the support of their tribe behind them every step of the way.

Julie’s story and journey is guaranteed to provide event attendees with the insight and motivation they need to get a grip on their own goals and kick-start their hustle long after. Beyond the impactful takeaways, Babes Who Brunch will also serve in, helping build and create a culture of female empowerment and a network of support.


Tina Tchen once said: “[We need] to realize that women don’t live lives in silos. They don’t only focus on what’s going on in their workplace and then separately figure out what’s happening with their friend who is experiencing domestic violence. They are experiencing issues all at once. We as a women’s movement need to come together to recognize that and bring those things together. Women will rise up when we support one another, together, across issues.” We can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than supporting one another in our very own backyard. If you’re looking to add some bonafide girl bosses to your Toronto network this event is not to be missed.

Those interested in attending Babes Who Brunch: Toronto can purchase tickets here. To learn more about The Ace Class visit