The Importance of a BFF or Bromance

For some young professionals, the concept of a “best friend” may seem immature or increasingly obsolete in our personal lives, especially as YPs begin to couple off or find themselves immersed in their careers. After all, we hear countless YPs exclaim that they know more about what is happening in the lives of their social media or BBM “friends” or acquaintances that they converse with at work events than their actual friends. When we say “actual friends,” we mean the ones you could call bawling at 2am, the ones you could effortlessly travel with, or the ones who will help you move and paint your place.

For YP males and females alike, a best friend is important. Much like a romantic relationship, a best friend offers intimacy, dependability and hours of laughter and fun. The best part of a best friend is that they are like family brothers, sisters and cousins that you can actually choose. 

Here are some reasons why we all can use a BFF or bromance…

A best friend already knows all the inner details of your life; that you get grumpy when you are hungry, your habits, goals and other pursuits. Free from awkward small talk, the best part of a best friend is the ability to pick up right where you left off. You can be yourself, laugh at stupid things, and not worry if what you will say will offend them because you know the other person inside out as well. You can also let your guard down and be emotionally raw and real with them, much like a family member or romantic partner. After all, they’ve seen the best of you and the worst of you.  A best friend is someone we can be ourselves with in sweats with sweat stains, messy hair and all.

Connectedness and Companionship
A common complaint between both single male and female YPs is loneliness and the feeling that their life lacks that dependable and trustworthy person to turn to. Whether your best friend sits at the desk across from you or is in another time zone and accessible through Skype, just knowing he or she is there provides comfort and security. Whenever we are feeling mistreated, down or heartbroken, a laughter-filled phone call with our BFF always makes us feel better about whatever is happening in our life…even the big heavy stuff. 

Unconditional support
Best friends have seen us through successes, failures, times where we have embarrassed ourselves, times when we’ve shined and times when we acted inappropriately…and they love us either way like family members. It is important to know you have a trusted ear to turn to, free of judgment, and someone who we know will be on our side (or at least constructively disagree with us) no matter what. 

Stress Reduction
Best friends reduce levels of stress for a few reasons. They provide an outlet for us to communicate our feelings and vent, which prevents the repercussions (that usually lead to more stress) of bottling it up. They provide hours of stress-reducing laughter as well as a facilitator to burn off steam by accompanying you for a few drinks after a stressful workday, joining you on your dog walk or even providing a trusted yoga, biking or gym buddy. 

They keep us in line
Best friends will also be totally open and forward with us, offering honest opinions and sound advice. They know you well enough that they are able to tell it like it is, no matter how harsh and they really do have your best interests at heart. When dealing with a messy breakup, we have been told by our BFF, “Whatever you think you want to do, or are about to do do the opposite.” If your butt looks big in those pants, she will tell you and make sure you don’t waste your money buying them. In bromance, if he thinks your new girlfriend is bad news, he will let you know. In terms of the serious stuff, they won’t dance around issues concerning potentially harmful habits, patterns or behaviours that may be destructive to your health or well-being. 

They are dependable Partners in Crime
For the single YP, a BFF or bromance results in a dependable and strategic partner in crime. They will come out with you for nights on the prowl, know your type of potential mate or hot fling, and accompany you on random weekends away. Especially among female friends, some are so tight that they are automatically assumed to come as a package. Much like being a part of a couple, if you are invited to a friend’s chalet or cottage for the weekend (especially if it is among a group of members of the opposite sex), it is assumed the other will come as well. 

For the attached YP, a best friend provides a welcomed fixture to a boys or girls night out because they will work to fend off overly flirty fellow partners, provide a voice of reason if things get carried away, and provide a sometimes-needed outlet when you want to escape your SO. After all, when your best friend is in need, it is rarely questioned and is actually assumed by your SO that you will be there for them. 

Not all fun and games, best friends will also be a trusted wingman or woman for those occasions where you have to go to but may not necessarily want to like a work event or your niece’s birthday party. 

There you have it; have we made you want to pick up the phone and give your best friend a call? Thursdays are a great time to catch up over cocktails, after all.