The Hype is Real: Over Easy Breakfast

OEB owns the Internet when it comes to brunch in Calgary. Any simple Google search for “breakfast” in the YYC area will inevitably lead you here, so we risked death by starvation and impatience to discover whether this was just good SEO marketing or the real deal.

We can now conclusively say that it’s the latter. 

With a menu as overwhelmingly complex as a Shakespearian play, shockingly prompt and engaging service, a comfortable atmosphere that’s somehow unpretentious, and the goods to back all of it up, OEB is definitely worthy of the acclaim it receives.

Then again, if you hate uber-fresh Saint Cyrille cheese curds, perfectly-poached eggs, black AND white truffles, real maple syrup served warm over massive waffles, pork belly and all the organic produce you can dream of, you might disagree. 

Did we mention the shelf full of hot sauce, an array of Canadian seafood, vegetarian and GF options that aren’t just substitutes, and duck tongue tacos? 

The Edmonton Trail location doesn’t seem to faze the loyal clientele, who religiously fill this place for the majority of its open hours. If you’re planning on dining here, 9:30am seems to be pretty ideal timing on a weekday. By 10:30, the line will be out the door. But if you’re willing to make the sacrifice and wait in line on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate selection of hangover beverages. From Canadian craft beer to classic breakie cocktails, they’ve covered all the bases.

It’s definitely worth the wait.


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