The ‘Hug a Muslim’ Experiment Catches on in NYC

Finally, we did something before New York City.

And they quickly followed suit. 

As you’ll recall, we first told you about a Muslim man who blindly asked for hugs in downtown Toronto over a month ago, in an experiment appropriately called The Blind Trust Project. The idea was to break down stigmas and raise awareness about “Islamophobia.”

In the Toronto experiment – created by activist Asoomii Jay – the blindfolded man stood in Dundas Square between two signs, one that read, “I am a Muslim I am Labelled as a Terrorist,” the other, “I trust you do you trust me? Give me a hug.”

We probably don’t have to tell you that the resulting video went viral in a major way.

Turns out that Torontonians aren’t as bad as our snobby reputation would suggest.

Inspired by the Toronto success, the social experiment was replicated south of the border by actor Karim Metwaly. 

He stood blindfolded in Manhattan beside a sign that read, “I’m Muslim and I Trust You. Do You Trust me Enough for a Hug?”

So, which city is more tolerable?

After a slow start, it turns out, New Yorkers seem as embracive as Torontonians are when it comes to Muslims – and such positive activism in general. 

Check it out and decide which city does better yourself:


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