The Government of Canada is Looking for Volunteer Poo Collectors

Looking for a government job in the great outdoors?

Sounds like a dream. All you gotta do is scoop up some poo.

Any locals interested in wolf ecology and co-existence? Consider volunteering to be one of our #WildaboutWolves poop…

Posted by Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Sunday, October 27, 2019

Parks Canada is looking for a dedicated team of poop fairies to join its team on the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia. What that means is that you’ll be picking up wolf droppings as part of the agency’s Wild About Wolves initiative. It should be noted that this is a volunteer position. That means you will not be paid for your labour. Your labour, remember, is picking up poo. Like this (photo courtesy Parks Canada):

What you will get in lieu of money is an education in wolf ecology, including how humans can better co-exist with wolves. You will also spend a year in one of Canada’s most beautiful nature reserves…

You, of course, will not be one of those two happy souls kayaking in paradise. You will be collecting poo. For free. Still beats sitting in front of a screen writing about poo, I’d say. Literally.

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