The Gob Squad: Making a New Reality

Calgary, it’s time to get ready for some drama. The wildly creative Gob Squad theatre group from Berlin is in town this week and they are here to shake things up with the most boundary-pushing entertainment you might see this year. Known for out there presentations far from traditional stages, this collective of performers has entertained audiences in boardrooms, retold the classic story of My Fair Lady with robots, and even rendered colossal portraits of celebrities using different shades of burnt toast asking for passersby to assist. Trust us, you’ll never see the Queen Mother or Amy Winehouse the same way after seeing their portraits made with whole wheat or multigrain. 

This week, Gob Squad is taking over the #1 Royal Canadian Legion to bring you two sure to be hit shows: 

Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had it So Good)
If you like Andy Warhol, you will want to make sure you attend. Imagine it’s 1965, a magical time when counter culture was just starting to gain momentum. Based on one of Warhol’s original films (Kitchen), this performance is inspired by the drugs, sex and experimentation that made the factory (Warhol’s Studio) a legend. “Actors” in Warhol’s movies never actually learned lines and the films were much more about capturing the everyday happenings of the drag queens, socialites, drug addicts and artists that hung around Warhol. In fact, most of the films don’t even have storylines, and Gob Squad capitalizes on this novel concept as they try to re-create some of those infamous moments that people still talk about.

Super Night Shot 
This performance pays tribute to the strange phenomenon of reality television. What’s the gist? One hour before you arrive to Super Night Shot, four members of the Gob Squad crew will be hitting the streets of Calgary to make a completely random and spontaneous film about whatever they encounter along the way. For one crazy hour, our city will become a film set and the actors will be sought out as the story develops. Every night is a totally new experience that is only screened once in each city.

To learn more about these exciting shows, you can visit the High Performance Rodeo website

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