The future of Canadian cafe culture is… robots?

Tired of getting your coffee from humans? Well, the automation of cafe culture is here.

RC Coffee, a company based in Mississauga, has introduced Canada’s first robotic barista. It promises “premium specialty coffees with unparalleled precision by performing all the functions of a human barista.” Cool, but also kind of sad.

The first location is Dark Horse Automat at 1235 Bay Street in Toronto, where patrons can enjoy a full contactless experience.

Here’s a nice video which walks you through the process:

“By partnering with RC Coffee, Dark Horse Espresso Bar is able to serve our locally roasted, ethically sourced coffee to more customers in a new way, while maintaining the high standards they have come to expect from our other locations,” said Max Daviau, VP of Retail and Partner of Dark Horse Espresso. The design comes courtesy Toronto lifestyle shop Mjölk.

“A cheeky retro design,” as Dark Horse calls it, for an operation that is anything but retro.

With the automat, customers can get their fix 24/7 and order via the touchscreen or online. A mobile app is on the way, as are future locations across the GTA, Montreal, and Vancouver. Indeed, the company is hella ambitious, with plans to open 100 stores by the end of 2021.