The Future is Here: Someone Flew Around New York in a Jetpack

Well, the future we’ve all envisioned since Back to the Future is finally here – people are starting to zoom around the skies in jetpacks.

A video recently released by JetPack Aviation shows a man nonchalantly navigating the Hudson River and breezing past the Statue of Liberty wearing nothing more than a backpack, albeit one strapped to a pair of small jet motors.

The impressive thing about the feat is how truly natural the man’s movement looks. While jetpack flight isn’t necessarily new (check out this equally awesome video of two guys gliding next to a Boeing 747 at 4,000 feet), this particular voyage was the first to really make us say, “damn, that’s a flying human.”

Seriously, check this out:

The company’s JB-9 jetpack is being developed with the help of renowned floating man Nelson Tyler, who was the first civilian to fly with a rocket belt in 1969.

Where can we pre-order?