The “Four Jet Tour” Will Take You on the Most Luxurious Travel Excursion Ever… for only $300K

If you’re like most North Americans with a heartbeat and a laptop, you probably enjoy travelling. And though you may care for more than materials, feel a profound connection to mother earth, and even enjoy the odd trailer park hoedown, you probably also like your share of luxury.

But this, this is just… I don’t even know what this is.


First of all, it’s called The Four Jet Tour – not to be confused with Contiki’s Ten Tuk-Tuks and a Six-Alarm Stomach Flu Extravaganza. It is a new luxury tour available that combines four of the world’s most luxurious individual travel tours into one mind-blowing circuit spanning several months of the year.

As you might imagine, the trip consists of flights on four different private jets. Once you’re on the jets, they fly you to just about every corner of the planet, exploring and experiencing only the most glamorous and most exclusive of its bounties.

The Four Seasons takes you on the “Timeless Discoveries” tour, which flies you from Beverley Hills, to Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, India, Prague and, finally, London. You are of course put up in the finest Four Seasons accommodation throughout your 24-day excursion.

Private Jet Tours then jets you around Italy on its “Following Caravaggio” tour; 9 days of exclusive art collections, Michelin star dinners, private lunches with aristocrats, and introductions to Barons.

After catching your breath for a few months, Captain’s Choice whisks you away on its “Equatorial Explorer,” trip allowing you immerse yourself in a month’s worth of remote islands, Amazon basins, Galapagos animals and Tahiti sunsets. Rum and cigars naturally included.

Finally, to cap off your year of jet setting, Abercrombie & Kent hosts you on its 26-day “Islands, Savannas & The Amazon” trip. Here, the luxurious collides with the indigenous as you enjoy “earth-cooked” feasts, pink dolphins in the Peruvian Amazon, tea-farming in Sri Lanka and the Huli women of Papua New Guinea.

Then you go home to the remainder of your absurdly uneventful life.

Sound like something you might enjoy?

I thought so.

Just Double-check with your boss that you can get the time off and then head to this site for further details and the Private Jet Tours contact form. They’ll get you all squared up.

For $300,297.

Not sure if that includes tax.

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