The Essential Gift Guide for the Elevated Gentleman in Your Life

The holiday season is upon on us, which means it’s time to get shopping!

One of the hardest buys on our list is always the man who has everything: the elevated gentleman in your life. This is a man who is refined, worldly, intelligent and most definitely enjoys the finer things. While his needs may seem minimal, his wish list is no doubt longer than you might think. Here are some things we suggest you package for this special person.

1. Bowmore White Sands 17 Year Old & Bowmore 23 Year Old

Photo Credit: @viranlly

Bowmore is a premium, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky perfect for fulfilling any whisky-lover’s wish list. Bowmore White Sands 17 Year Old is the newest limited edition added to the Bowmore lineup, making it an exclusive buy for anyone’s whisky collection. Matured for seventeen long years in ex-Bourbon casks, rich treacle toffee and ripe fruits are bound together by warm peat smoke, making this whisky sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Need to step your gift up a notch? Bowmore 23 Year Old is a beautiful whisky featuring a fabulous simmering smoke on the nose and rich peat on the palate, with notes of plums and oranges just below the surface. At a suggested price of $699.95, It’s definitely steeper than your average whisky, making it a truly memorable gift.

2. Oyster Knife & Roll-up set

Perfect for the oyster lover or entertainer, this beautiful doe tan leather wrap ties together three incredible shellfish knives for all your shucking needs. With eight 4-inch deep pockets, you can grow your collection to fit other accessories to make your gentleman into the ultimate master chef. While you’re mastering the art of shucking oysters, why not try Bowmore’s signature Oyster Luge? Pair Bowmore 12 Year Old with everyone’s favourite seafood, complementing the brininess from the oyster with the rich taste of whisky for a fun and unique new hors d’oeuvre combining sea and single malt scotch. To enjoy this delicious pairing simply follow these steps:

1) Slurp the oyster brine

2)  Sip the Bowmore 12 Year Old

3)  Eat the oyster

4) Swirl the Bowmore 12 Year Old in the oyster shell

5)  Enjoy the Bowmore straight from the shell

Luxury Glassware

You’re only as sophisticated as your glassware, right? Make sure you’re serving premium spirits in equally premium glasses. This beautiful glass from Anthropologie is the perfect addition to any bar cart or marble table, with elegant ridges and simple lines. Grab a pair for the ideal night-cap set.

4. Designer Socks

Who DOESN’T need socks for Christmas? While your average fuzzy variety might not suit your elevated gentleman’s taste, this 6-pack of hand-knit socks from CORGI is definitely up his alley. These adorable pairs are made in Wales from lightweight, breathable cotton with hand-linked toe seams for comfortable style.

5. Cologne Gift Set

Cologne is such a lovely gift both to give and receive – however, it can be tricky trying to figure out what scent someone would wear and enjoy. Enter, the cologne sampler – the fool-proof way to gift cologne this season. This assortment of miniature scents from Giorgio Armani leaves little room for error and lots of room for exploring new scents.

Pairing a few items on this list (or all of them if he’s been very good this year) will ensure the elevated gentleman in your life feels loved this holiday season.