The Early Bird Gets the Beer

Sunday morning is generally a time that you’d expect to see early risers headed to yoga class or the gym, so it was a very interesting sight to see bars lined up down the block at 5am yesterday. Hockey fans, early risers and late-night party people crammed into bars all over Calgary to watch the men’s gold medal game between Canada and Sweden. Bars like the National on 10th Avenue SW downtown served a hearty breakfast while people vied for a free seat or barstool.

Premier Alison Redford tweeted followers on Friday afternoon to let them know that bars and restaurants had been approved to open and serve patrons liquor for the game. It was entertaining to hear people discuss the best strategy for making the game: Do we stay in Saturday and go to bed at 8pm, or do we just stay out all night and keep the party going? This made for a fun mix of people watching the game. 

Canada’s 3-0 win over Sweden ended with victorious cheers, hugs between complete strangers and a boisterous rendition of the national anthem. This year’s winter Olympics have been nothing short of entertaining to watch over the last few weeks. We shined when it came to freestyle skiing, bobsledding and, of course, ice hockey. It’s always such a great reminder of our remarkable country and athletes. Watching the Canadian men’s hockey team being awarded with gold medals as the sun was coming up was a great moment and one that makes you so proud to be Canadian. 

Kudos to Redford. 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)


Cover image from: National on 10th

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