The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings this Winter

We love leggings as much as anyone, but over the last few years our comfortable collection seems to have been tucked away deep in our dresser drawer.

With limited options for convenient and warm clothing that’s still fashionable, we’re now thrilled to say that you can dig those leggings back out.

Keep in mind, as with any fashion staple, there are ways to wear them well – and ways to not wear them at all. So to avoid looking like Lady Gaga in her meat dress days, we’ve come up with some dos and don’ts on how to make your most comfortable bottoms part of a polished, fashionable ensemble.

1. DO cozy up with chunky and oversized knits
How can you say no to a cozy, oversized knit and a pair of leggings? Arguably the most comfortable outfit a woman can wear, this combo still keeps you looking chic.

2. DON’T wear them as pants
Leggings are not pants. Wearing a pair of skintight leggings with a short shirt, no matter how good your body is, is just far too revealing to wear as a complete outfit. Though you aren’t showing much skin, it still gives the impression that you are not wearing pants. Always pair leggings with a longer top, jacket, or a dress. 

3. DO wear the right pair
Don’t wear leggings that are too tight, too loose or too sheer. We don’t want to see the pattern on your underpants, nor do we like the look of baggy kneecaps. Your leggings should be tight enough to cover your legs, but we don’t want to see every dimple. 

4. DO wear with long tops
Leggings should be worn with longer tops that cover the buttocks. Believe us, it is much more flattering to pair your leggings with a tunic, dress or some other form of long top that covers your lower half.

5. DON’T wear your leggings with the wrong shoes.
Leggings look best with boots. If you must wear your leggings with a heel, make sure that they don’t look too trashy or grungy. Try pairing with our favorite boot of this season, Chelsea Boots, and avoid wearing with outdated boot styles like Uggs. 

6. DO wear with this season’s hottest coat
One of the biggest trends for women this season is belted coats. Leggings look incredible with this trend, as this style of jacket is worn longer, yet still cinches at the waist to create a flattering silhouette. 

7. DON’T wear with sportswear
You don’t want to look like you’re going to the gym… unless you’re actually going to the gym. There is a clear difference between yoga pants and fashion leggings. When it comes to leggings, make sure you exercise care with how you style them.

8. DO pair with a shirt-dress
The befuddled fashion top goes perfectly with the befuddled fashion bottom. Leggings are a hybrid of pants and tights much like a shirt-dress is a hybrid of a shirt and a dress. Combine the two for one of the simplest and most convenient of outfits. 

9. DO get adventurous
These days, leggings are made in every color, pattern, fabric and feature. We love a statement bottom, but just be sure not to go overboard with the rest of the outfit. A tie-up legging looks great with a simple, long black top, or a velvet legging looks classy with a lengthy blouse and blazer. Just don’t start strolling around with rips up to your hipbones, or galaxies on your legs. 


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