The Disturbingly Racist Cabbie Abuser From Calgary Has Been Fired

The previously unidentified Calgary man who went on an insane racist tirade against a taxi driver in 2013 has now been identified – and promptly fired.

His name is Chad Pasloski, an employee of Alcro Electric until as recently as last week.

The incident happened on a cab ride home from a corporate function, for which Pasloski was using a company chit. His former employer released a statement saying the company does not condone such behaviour and that his rant is not a representation of Alcro Electric.


The RCMP is now investigating the incident, which even prompted a response from Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi. “It doesn’t matter how drunk you are, you don’t treat human beings like that,” Nenshi told the Calgary Herald.

In case you missed our original post, here’s the video of Pasloski’s outburst: