The Dating App for Millennials Overwhelmed by Choice

The Answer to your Current Dating App Problems.

We live in an unprecedented time of choice, facilitated by technology. But what does all this choice do to things that aren’t essential to living, like romance? The sheer number of dating prospects that apps have opened up to users can be incredibly overwhelming. The abundance of options combined with how easy it is to jump on and create a profile makes using many dating apps o feel more like playing a game rather than taking the first step in building a bond with an actual, living breathing human.


The Inner Circle solves many of the pain points that the initial dating apps introduced. Users first have to apply to become members which creates a curated dating pool of like-minded, ambitious people. There is no “rejection” on the app, but instead you connect with people you’re attracted to just by messaging them.

A feature that really sets this app apart is the ability to connect to others based on your favorite locations. You can “like” your favourite gym, bar, or restaurant and see which other members have liked them too, taking the guess work out of trying to figure out where to go for your first date. You can even find “spots” where The Inner Circle members like to hang out and which members attend the same events.

The Inner Circle has all the ease of connecting through an app, without the hassle of sifting through millions of mediocre options.  

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