The Cost of Being a Carnivore: This is the Average Number of Animals You’ll Eat in Your Lifetime

Look, we’re not here to take a stand on dietary decisions. By all means, eat whatever you damn well desire.

What we will say, though, is that the average meat-eater will consume over 7,000 animals over an 80-year lifetime. With an official average breakdown that looks like this:

– 11 cows
– 27 pigs
– 2,400 chickens
– 80 turkeys
– 30 sheep
– 4,500 fish

That’s a lot of corpses.

Those who indulge in finer meat, like that of rabbits, ducks, geese, goats, prawns, squid, and other small animals, can also add another 500 animals to the tally.

These numbers come from Vegetarian Calculator, a campaign group who urge people to eat less meat to reduce their impact on the environment.

Just some, wait for it, food for thought.