The Comrade in Riverdale

The first thing we noticed upon entering The Comrade was how extravagantly well-designed the interior was; everything from plush navy blue pillows to leather chairs in every colour. Artwork from Soviet-era vintage propaganda to Japanese lettering etched in massive wood blocks stretches across the light brick walls of the cozy space. 

We arrived before the after-work rush and had the fortune of choosing from a variety of seating arrangements that were free. We opted for the more private setup with two comfy armchairs and a long sofa that can easily fit four. If you’re feeling a little more social, one side of The Comrade features nothing more than a long, narrow table along the wall with enough room to seat about a dozen; it’s almost like walking off Queen East into a 17th or 18th century salon in Paris.

Now, onto the most important part. The Comrade has an extensive cocktail list, as expected, prepared by a very skilled bartender with a generous pouring hand. A must-have is the signature Cafe Comrade, consisting of espresso mixed with organic cream, creme de cacao, Galliano, and vodka. The Elderflower Fizz and Dark and Stormy highlighted the cocktail menu, which offers a huge selection of traditional favourites and in-house creations for $8-$10. For something a little lighter (in terms of alcohol content, at least), The Comrade also offers a beer list with over 50 selections.

If you find yourself having too great a time to leave come dinner time, which you will, they also offer great charcuterie and cheese plates to hold you over. Even the music selection was above par; we consistently found ourselves asking ‘what track is this?’ when staff members passed by. We strongly suggest heading to this Riverdale hot spot for the lively and hip (but not in annoying way) atmosphere, beyond-friendly staff and, of course, a drink or two. Or three…

The Comrade, 758 Queen Street East, 416-778-9449