The CFDA’s New Award: Instagrammer of the Year

Instagram has become such a focal point for the fashion industry that the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is adding the Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award to their list of prizes. 

The panel of judges include Rachel Zoe, Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen of The Editorialist, and Toronto’s own Stephanie Mark of The Coveteur, who chose eight up-and-coming nominees for the Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award including @donalddrawbertson, @dapperlou, @aguynamedpatrick, @paridust, @troprouge, @amy_stone, @hokaytokay and @bessnyc4. The award will be given to the nominee that receives the most ‘likes’ for pictures tagged with the hashtag #MyCDFA by May 30. The winner will have the honour of becoming the CFDA’s official Instagram correspondent for the night of the awards.

Instagram has become the stage for visual expression over the last few years, but by creating this award the CFDA has made it official that it is the go-to social media platform of the fashion industry. Get inspired by checking out the talented nominees’ inspirational art and fashion instagram accounts and stay tuned to find out the winner at the CFDA ceremony on June 2nd. 

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