The Business Of Weed – September 28th 2018

This week in the world of weed…

The Business of Weed is a weekly series brought to you by Jay Rosenthal, the Co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, to keep you up to date on all weed-related news. Here are this week’s biggest headlines.

Easy Access in Ontario
The Ford Government in Ontario announced their plans for retail cannabis shops. Ford already let everyone know that the retail would be private and decidedly un-LCBO-like. But the plans released this week show that cannabis retail will be in lots and lots of places. But you’ll have to wait until April 2019 – until then, online rules the day.

Cannabis ON the Street…
Another key component of Ontario’s cannabis regulations are that you will be able to consume cannabis anywhere legally allowed to smoke cigarettes. So, all those folks walking down the streets with cigarettes – could now replace those cancer-sticks with kind cannabis. If you think you can smell cannabis everywhere now – just wait. 


1 BC Bud Shop
While Ontario gets their retail plans in order, BC is readying their retail plans too. Unfortunately, their timelines are a bit overdue.There will only be one retail cannabis shop opening up on October 17. Expect long lines at that shop OR expect the black market in BC to thrive for a bit longer.