This week in the world of weed…

The Business of Weed is a weekly series brought to you by Jay Rosenthal, the Co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, to keep you up to date on all weed-related news. Here are this week’s biggest headlines.

Pot Breathalyzer
What is supposed to be the pot equivalent of the Breathalyzer, which is (seriously) named the Drager DrugTest 5000, was approved this week by Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould. Skeptics are already lining up to file suit on behalf of anyone that fails this test. Why? Because unlike the Breathalyzer that measures real-time impairment from alcohol, the Drager DrugTest 5000 only measures THC in your system – which may or may not equate to impairment.

An Edible Emergency?
A report was issued this week showing that cannabis-related emergency room visits were on the rise. Partly because of the rise in consumption of cannabis edibles. For some, this was a way to show that legalization is dangerous. Don’t fret anti-legalization folks, edibles won’t be legal in Canada for at least another year.

Cannabis-Near You
Cannabis is being legalized throughout Canada. But how, where and when you can buy it is going to vary province-by-province. If this is confusing to you – don’t worry – someone came up with a website to help. Bookmark this site as you travel:

That’s all this week. Check back next Friday for all cannabis related news.