The Best Steak Frites in Toronto as Voted by You

And the winner is…

Sidecar Restaurant/Toronto Temperance Society.

For $24 and the possibility of being seated upstairs in the sleek leather booths of the TTS, Sidecar Restaurant was more than a few cuts above the rest with 43.8% of your votes.

With a beautifully grilled 8oz striploin, handcut golden frites, and a very unique Sriracha aioli, of which any sensible diner will need a refill, this unassuming spot on College West has earned its reputation for having steak frites magnifique. 

The much more culturally aligned Le Sélect Bistro came in second with a respectable 18.2% of your vote; they do a great, classic job with this dish. But when you’re there, it’s always tough to decide between the grilled and the tartar preparations of their top-notch beef.

Although “Other” took up a large chunk of your votes, no individual spots beat out the historic 3rd place winner, The Drake Hotel, stealing the final spot on the podium from the 4th/5th Table 17 and Beerbistro, tied with 5% of your votes each. 

Below you’ll find a sort-of French coloured circular sirloin summarizing all the votes. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comments section. Or next time, remember “Il vaut mieux faire que dire” and make sure you le vote…


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