The Best Slice of Pizza in Toronto as Voted by You

And the winner is:

Pizzaiolo – Any Location 

We might not be able to pronounce it, but we sure as hell love it. This trusty chain edged out the competition by just under 1% to take top spot. With even more options than locations, it’s hard for everyone not to find something they like at Pizzaiolo. Not to mention the fact that they always have great lunch deals.

North of Brooklyn is probably going to lose some sleep over missing this buzzer-beater. But despite the second place title, they’re obviously first-rate quality, getting edged out by the thinnest of crusts. The Other category was a strong contender with the most votes of the bunch going to King Slice (Bloor St. and Queen St. locations). The Big Slice Pizza at Yonge & Gerrard also made some significant noise before poll votes dropped off to the bottom half of the pack.

Reminder: this poll was only for best slice. This week, we’re voting on best full pie, so if you couldn’t vote on your favourite overall pizzeria last week, make sure you get a vote in for the latest poll. We suspect that the results are going to be just as tight.

Below you’ll find a pie chart that breaks down all the votes. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comment section. Or, next time, don’t be such a square slice – vote.


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