Toronto is home to the best-designed restaurant in the Americas

What do you get when you put a kitchen and dining room in a Gothic Revival castle? The best-designed restaurant in the Americas.

That’s the honour recently bestowed upon Toronto’s BlueBlood Steakhouse, which has wowed diners at Casa Loma since 2017.

The designation was awarded by the International Design and Architecture Awards.

“We are ecstatic to be recognized by the elite of the design world with such an esteemed award, particularly against such high-profile international competitors,” Nadia Di Donato, the vice president and creative director at Liberty Entertainment Group, which is behind BlueBlood.

Don Alfonso 1890, another Toronto hot spot designed by Di Donato, was shortlisted in the Restaurant Design category. It, too, resides at Casa Loma.

Ok, enough words – you came here for the vibes. Behold: