The Best Bloody Drink Around: Calgary’s Best Caesars

Every Canadian knows that a Caesar is the correct anecdote for a bad hangover.

(Eat it, Advil.)

Lovingly known to Canucks as the ‘hair of the dog’, this beverage of choice is a staple of both our social lives and our morning afters.

A relative mystery to the rest of the world, this curious concoction is somewhere between the Yankee’s Bloody Mary and the Mexican Michelada – only so so much better. 

And to make it even more appealing, Canada’s salt-rimmed sensation was actually invented right here in Calgary in what’s now the downtown Westin Hotel.

It was 1969 when an adventurous bartender named Walter Chell invented what would soon become akin to an overnight pop sensation – The Taylor Swift of drinks if you will. And with a little vodka, Clamato juice, salt, and green for garnish, a star was born.

So if all this talk of Caesars is giving you a craving, then here are the best places in Calgary to pay tribute to the city’s biggest celebrity:

The Unicorn
The Unicorn has to be your first stop. To the dismay of many locals, this landmark pub will be closing its doors in the summer of 2015 and if you’ve never experienced a Caesar here, you basically can’t claim you’re a true Calgarian.

Order the ‘Hotter Than Hell’ version of this classic and hold on to your seat.  Made with enough heat to stop a horse in its tracks, it will be quite the ride.

Caesar’s Steakhouse
If you love Al Pacino movies, you’ll love this antiquated steakhouse with the same mood lighting that your grandparents probably enjoyed when they came here in the early ‘70s.

Grab a table, order a classic, and for as long as your drink lasts, you can pretend you’re part of the mob. Just remember not to play with your garnish. Wise Guys don’t like celery.

People looking to change up the original recipe will love the Samurai Caesar. Known for their inventive drink list, Ki makes a good case for stepping outside your cocktail comfort zone.

You could order a margarita…but we say you bend the rules the next time you’re at Anejo for dinner or happy hour. The Caesar Diablo (that’s devil for those of you who don’t speak drink) is made with blanco tequila instead of vodka and adds habanero and jalapenos to the mix. It’s muy delicioso. 


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