The Beginner’s Guide to Living a Minimalist Life

All white walls with all black accents. One single plate in the centre of a wooden table. A snapshot of a single hanger on a vintage clothing rack.

It’s sleek, it’s trendy – it’s total crap.

Minimalism has swept across social media as the hippest persona to embody online. But it’s a lot more than just having a clean, organized Instagram feed or Pinterest page. It’s even a lot more than just throwing away all your stuff and living off two plain white tees. It’s an entire lifestyle which has the ability to allow you to sift through all the extra unnecessary things in your world and focus one what’s really important to you.

Here are some tips that are more than just cleanin’ out your closet so that you can embrace minimalism in all aspects of your life.

Journal Your Day
Not only does having a cute journal instantly make your day feel a little more organized, it also allows you to see what most of your day is allotted to. For instance, if you find you spend most of your time doing things that don’t make you feel fulfilled, this is a good opportunity to start adjusting that.


Switch to Paperless Billing
Are there still people who pay bills that come in the actual mail? Yes, this helps declutter your house of random envelopes, but it also saves the environment.

Organize the Folders and Files on Your Computer
You always hear people saying that you should tidy your desk – your desktop is no different. Keeping that space clean and easy to access will make opening up your laptop to work that much easier.

Clean all the Surfaces in Your Home
Yes, keep your desks and your tables clean. But also all countertops, bookshelves, basically anywhere you can set things down. If all the surfaces are tidy, you’ll be less likely to set things down haphazardly when you come home.


Clean out Your Freezer
What is living at the back of it? At the bottom of it? There are pizzas you probably didn’t even know existed. Don’t let it become a black hole.

Newsflash: that girl you met once at a party in high school that you never talked to again – you don’t need her on Facebook. Similarly, if you follow people who post things that you don’t agree with or simply don’t care about, don’t. Your time is precious and too valuable to be taken up by people who don’t enhance your life.


Write Down 5 Things You’re Grateful For
We spend so much of our day complaining about things that happen. Taking a step back to be mindful of what you’re happiest about in your life will allow you to refocus your time.