The Bartender’s Book Club at Blacktail Starts Tomorrow

This isn’t your typical book club.

Starting tomorrow night, the first edition of the Bartender’s Book Club begins at Blacktail.

A joint event thrown by Terminal City Cocktail Classic, Pulp Fiction Books, and Blacktail, the Bartender’s Book Club aims to connect anyone who enjoys a skillfully crafted cocktail through an evening of literature.

Oh, and drinking said cocktails, of course.

The chosen read for the initial evening will be Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail by David Arnold.

Set to happen on the last Tuesday of every month, the Bartender’s Book Club will be far from a boring book reading that your grandmother attends…cause, you know: booze.   

Welcome drinks will be offered upon arrival, and the evening’s curators will concoct even more cocktails with in-depth discussion on tips, tricks, techniques, and ingredients, and featured books will be available for purchase at special rates.

Free for anyone who wants to partake, simply RSVP by email and if you’re feeling generous (perhaps after a few?), donations will be accepted for the British Columbia Hospitality Foundation

Exceptional drinks, new skill sets, and a great cause – being a bookworm suddenly has a whole new meaning. 


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