The Backstreet Boys Have a New Movie Coming Out – And You Might Actually Want to See it

Oh my god they’re back again.

And we’re kind of… excited…?

That’s right, The Backstreet Boys are releasing a new documentary because they need money. Well, that’s not the official reason, but we’re pretty sure it’s in the fine print somewhere.

Seriously, though, as pointed out in the trailer below, for three full years, BSB was the biggest band in the world. And since those years happened to be 1999-2002, every young professional has a special place in their heart for the Backstreet Boys.

Even if that special place is one we like to call hate.

The point is, it’s damn hard to make it to the top, and even harder when you fall from it.

Discovering the ins and outs, the pressure, the schedules, the tension, the love, and the lives A. J., Howie, Nick, Kevin, and Brian led while we were coming of age actually sounds pretty interesting.

Ranging from 34 to 43, these boys all became men a long time ago. And it might be worth hearing what they have to say about that process considering it happened in front of all of us.

Then again, it might not.

Even if we do want it that way.


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