The Art of Downshifting in Calgary

Let’s face it – working in a traditional office setting isn’t for everyone.

If you’ve been filling the void by dropping big wads of cash at Aritzia on your lunch break or sucking back several grande non-fat lattes at Starbucks to avoid that report then yes; we’re talking to you.

Once you decide to make the jump, being an entrepreneur is an exciting way to make a living. Just don’t be fooled; your new profession requires hard work, determination, and serious budgeting skills. 

But if you’ve grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle that came with a cushy job – fear not. We’ve got a few ways you keep your spending under control: 

Be a Foodie at Home
With a busy schedule it’s always tempting to eat out, but this is one of the best ways to save some green. Next time someone invites you to grab a bite suggest a dinner party at your place instead. The amount you’ll save on wine and food will amaze you.

And your friends will be impressed with the hospitality.

Hoof it
Driving and cabs are an awesome luxury (there’s no denying that) but parking downtown is insanely expensive and cabs aren’t much better.

Next time you need to run errands or make an appointment consider walking, biking, or taking a Car2go to save major gas and capitalize on free parking.

Shop Vintage
Especially in Calgary, you really do need four different wardrobes to accommodate all the seasons – and that adds up.

Next time you feel the urge to jazz up your closet consider vintage shopping as a cheap alternative to hitting your usual boutiques.

Before you turn your nose up too much, there are plenty of high-end secondhand stores throughout town that carry clothing and accessories that are not only brand name but in many cases still have tags on them. Rewind and Danielle’s are two places to check out on your next discount-shopping spree.   

Karma as a….
Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get your sweat on. Many of your favourite work out studios around town offer Karma classes that are set up specifically to cater to people like you.

Instead of paying $20+ to spin, stretch, or squat, many places like Bodhi Tree offer Karma classes for as little as $5.

Don’t Be Afraid to Trade
If you’re going to be an entrepreneur you’re going to have to learn to be resourceful, so figure out what service you can offer others.

If you’re a personal trainer with a new business then trade a free hour of boot camp.

An aspiring clothing designer? Offer your sewing skills to others who are in need of an alteration.

A talented photographer? Swap a photo session or offer to update someone’s profile picture in exchange for something else.

Because we can’t be good all the time, it’s still good to treat yourself every so often.

Next time you feel like a meal out look for happy hours around town.

Cibo is one of many places where you can dine on a dime. Every weekday you can take advantage of their $5 pizza happy hour and cheap beers on tap.

Follow these few basic tips and we promise your wallet will thank you. 


Cove art from: Aleutie

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