The All New Infiniti Q50 Has Arrived

It’s finally here. Infiniti Q50, the highly anticipated successor to Infiniti’s G37 sedan, just launched on August 5th. The Infiniti brand has been synonymous with cutting-edge design throughout its history, and the Q50 is no exception, making it one of our favourite options for young professionals (YPs) who are in the market for a car this fall. The Q50 features Infiniti’s signature seductive design, heart-pounding performance and, of course, state-of-the-art technology – perfect for the YP who wants to make a statement of power coupled with sleek, yet understated elegance. 

The Q50 marks the beginning of a whole new approach to design and technology for the brand. Safety Shield technologies, like the Back-Up Collision Intervention system, predictive forward collision warning and forward emergency braking, help to ensure you’re always in control of your environment – even when you’re not. 

With its sexy curves and creases, the Q50 is a perfect 10 in the looks department and is lower, wider and roomier in general than the G37. The inside features an alluring and rich interior, and offers a totally new layout that includes two large touch screens, with the upper designated for your most frequently used features. 

The Q50 boasts two engine options; a 3.7-litre V6 rated at 328 horsepower, and a 360-horsepower hybrid system that combines a smaller V6 and an electric motor with a new design that incorporates two clutches for better efficiency. A 7-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive is standard and an all-wheel drive is optional on both the regular and hybrid Q50.

Some of our favourite features:

Direct Adaptive Steering
The Direct Adaptive Steering function offers control, adaptability and precision for those lucky enough to be behind the wheel. After more than a decade of research and development, the car features the world’s first system to use electronics to streamline the steering mechanism for a more precise and controlled feeling behind the wheel. What does this mean? During road trips filled with rough or uneven roads, this moderates the need for constant, subtle adjustment, offering a reassuring feeling of stability when helping to shield the driver from excessive road vibrations. 

Safety Shield (Forward Collision Warning)
The Infiniti Safety Shield concept is Infiniti’s comprehensive approach to safety. The Q50 offers layered technologies to help provide safety and convenience by monitoring conditions, helping to avoid collisions and helping to protect its driver and passengers if a collision occurs.

Performance Hybrid
Whereas conventional luxury sedans resort to larger engines to improve performance, the Q50 uses a Lithium-Ion battery to unleash a torrent of supplementary power when accelerating. This power is channeled through its Intelligent Dual Clutch to deliver full-torque performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Even better, the system partially charges itself every time you step on the brake. 

Performance, style and luxury: three essentials to a Notable YP life. With the Q50, you have all three.