The All New Audi Q3: Your Mobile Colleague

Mobility is always a great thing to have – whether vertical in the professional realm or the type that simply gets you from A to B.

So when we gave four young professionals from across the country a set of keys to the brand new Audi Q3, we wanted to see just how much sitting behind the wheel of a sexy new luxury crossover would enhance their career life.

We followed these incredibly driven (literally) individuals as they took their daily routines to the next level. And it’s amazing to see what the freedom of four wheels – not to mention pulling up to every curb in style – does for a person. 

Not to mention all of this

So check back tomorrow as we kick off the first in a four-part series that includes stops (and, even better, go’s) in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

You might just have a brand new Christmas wish list by the time we put the brakes on this one.


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