The 8 Best Moments of the 2015 Oscars

Anytime you put all of Hollywood’s finest together in a room with free-flowing drinks to celebrate one of the year’s marquee celebrity events, you’re bound to have some truly notable moments. 

And last night’s Oscars did not disappoint. 

From gender equality to tighty whiteys and breathtaking tributes, here are 8 of our favourite moments from the 2015 Academy Awards:

Benedict Cumberbatch can’t wait for the after party.

Neil Patrick Harris falling flat.

Lady Gaga’s incredible ‘Sound of Music’ performance.

David Oyelowo’s reaction to John Legend and Common’s performance of ‘Glory’.

Patricia Arquette demanding wage equality.

Meryl Streep’s into it.

Wes Anderson claps exactly as we expect him to.

NPH stripping down.

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