The 5k ‘Wipeout’ Obstacle Course Run is Coming to Toronto

Ever find yourself watching an episode of Wipeout and wishing you were the one running through the larger-than-life obstacle course instead of sitting on your couch?

Well, pretty soon you can.

If you have no clue what we’re referring to, the Wipeout Run is a 5k course that’s filled with all kinds of obstacles and elements inspired by the hit television show, Wipeout.

Picture an ultimate Slip ‘n Slide, combined with an playground for adults, mixed with the physical challenge of a charity run. And, expect to ‘wipeout’ more than once in the most hilarious ways possible.

The challenge involves running through the infamous Big Balls and the giant Sweeper Arms, or dodging the daunting Wrecking Balls – just to name a few. Apparently, people of any athletic ability can do it (just probably not after a night on the town).

The race is complete with the 4-storey Happy Endings slide (and if sliding to the finish line isn’t motivation enough to keep you going, we don’t know what is).

After the obstacle course experience, you can enjoy a festival atmosphere complete with vendor booths, food, and refreshments.

It all goes down on Saturday, September 12 at Woodbine Racetrack and will look something like this: