The 18 Most Instagrammed Spots in #Toronto

The fact that there’s more than ever to do on any given day or night reaffirms our love for the T-Dot on the regular.

Obviously, we all like to (okay, live to) share this love on Instagram, documenting our Toronto happenings daily.

Shots of the interior of the Air Canada Centre during a Leafs or Raptors Game are a given; as is the inevitable filtered selfie in your Blue Jays hat at the Rogers Centre.

But here are 18 of the other most Instagrammed #toronto shots taken by young professionals….

1. The Skyline from a Porter Flight
It’s pretty tough to resist a shot of the skyline when returning home on a Porter Airlines flight, especially when it’s lit up in all its nighttime glory. This is the official, “I’m home, I’m downtown, and I couldn’t be happier” pic.

2. The Skyline from Toronto Island
Even more impossible to resist is a shot of the skyline from the Toronto Island on a sunny afternoon. Anytime you think this view is getting old – wait for winter.

3. Graffiti Alley
The Fashion District’s Graffiti Alley (which runs south of Queen St. W. from Spadina to Portland) remains a popular spot for photo and video shoots – both professional and iPhone based. Side note: Rick Mercer also likes to film his rants with the multi-coloured street art as a backdrop.

4. Dinosaur Bones at the ROM
Whether it’s at ROM Prom, another Young Patron’s Circle function, or the fantastic Friday Night Live event series, you can’t go to a ROM event without taking a shot in front of the perfectly illuminated dinosaur that serves as the, um, backbone of the entranceway. This is your money shot.

5. High Park
Your Instagram feed has likely been filled with shots of the multi-coloured leaves in High Park as of late, but in the early spring, it was of the park’s famous cherry blossoms. Basically, this is a year-round Insta heaven.  

6. Trinity Bellwoods Park
Hipster or not, what young professional doesn’t have a soft spot for Sunday Fundays at Trinity Bellwoods park? And also for documenting park hangouts, complete with a blanket, booze (sue us, Toronto), snacks, and a Frisbee you don’t know how to throw.  

7. Thompson Toronto Pool
We’re going to bet that a good 80 per cent of social young Toronto professionals have at least one west-facing shot of the city from the Thompson Toronto in their phone cameras right now. Or have a friend who does.

8. A Burger’s Priest Meal
You can feel less guilty about indulging in a massive, topping-packed burger at The Burger’s Priest if you get at least one good Insta shot out of it, right? Because a Burger Priest’s burger is pretty much a work of art in itself…

9. The Sunset at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
The sunset backdrop that comes with a summer concert at The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre offers as much Insta-worthy material as the musicians themselves.

10. Looking Up from the Foot of the CN Tower
Whether you’re a tourist or you’ve lived here your entire life, a well-calculated shot upward from the base of the CN Tower is always a good idea – night or day.

11. Cabana Pool Bar
Whether you made it your regular Sunday Funday hangout or never went back again, a trip to Cabana Pool Bar wasn’t complete without the inevitable shameless bathing suit shot. Because, really, why else would you go? Oh right, to make fun of people.

12. The View Driving into the City from the Gardiner Expressway
The only thing that makes the often painfully brutal (as in, it would be quicker to walk) traffic on The Gardiner bearable is the view it offers coming into the city. Just make sure that the person taking the picture is in the passenger seat. 

13. The Flatiron Building
On a Saturday grocery shop at the St. Lawrence Market, you’ll notice at least a dozen people snapping a shot of one of our city’s most iconic buildings complete with the CN Tower in the background.

14. The Yellow “Vote Here” Signs  
As we learned earlier this week, not only are fellow YPs proud that they voted, but they’re also eager to encourage others to do the same. That’s why a flood of yellow and black “Vote Here” signs dominated the #toronto hashtag on Monday.

15. The Lock in Your Love Installation in the Distillery District
Whether you arrive lock in hand or stumble upon the Lock in Your Love installation by chance on a romantic date to the Distillery District, you pretty much need to solidify and publically proclaim your love via an Instagram shot in front of it. #truelove.

16. The “You’ve Changed” Mural on Queen West
The Queen West staple by artist Jesse Harris has found its way into many an Instagram post. It’s actually a nod to the gentrification of the neighbourhood and offers a message of support to the neighbouring Centre for Addition and Mental Health.

17. The “Love Me Till I’m Me Again” Art at Brassaii
The famous “Love Me Till I’m Me Again” art at Wednesday night staple Brassaii is an Instagram shot favourite both among cocktail consuming guests and the restaurant itself… although it should maybe read, “Love Me Til I’m Sober Again.”

18. The Red AGO Sign at the Art Gallery of Toronto
Because everyone loves to look cultured, poses alongside the massive red “AGO” letters outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario are a young professional must. 


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