The 16 Best Healthy Eating Accounts on Instagram

When it comes to nutritious food, it is highly encouraged that your eyes be much much bigger than your stomach.

Thanks to Instagram, that’s not a hard thing to pull off.

Here are the best feeds for building up the healthiest kind of appetite.


Versatile, plant-based vegan goodness that includes a killer raw vegan peach “cheesecake.” Sasha also has an eBook you can check out through her website.


This feed was started by a woman named Natasha as a step in her recovery process from over six years of eating disorders and depression. As you can tell from the title, it worked.

Maybe the best-looking healthy Indian food I’ve ever seen. You can check out her awesome vegetarian recipes on The ABCD’s of Cooking.


No under-the-radar find here, but still one of the best food feeds out there. From smoothies and snacks to salads, dips, and spreads, she covers all the recipe bases on her blog.

This girl might be young but she sure as hell knows her way around a healthy parfait. You can check out her recipe videos and more on her YouTube Channel.


Lots of fruit, lots of chocolate, and lot of incredible photos that show off her “advanced diploma of photography.” Definitely check out her website for great recipes like homemade chocolate hazelnut granola.

Turns out fruit and vegetable collages are just as fun to look at as they are to eat.

Pasta party!

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Great name, even better content; any friend of a healthy taco is a friend of mine. Also, the way she has designed the recipes page on her website is pure brilliance.

So. Much. Frozen. Banana. Ice. Cream.

Neapolitan layered smoothies topped with some crunchy choc granola HAPPY SUNDAY!

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Perhaps the best overall Insta-website combo of the bunch. She even does Yoga & Breakfast events. Probably worth the trip to Sweden.

He’s a “culinary gardener” who takes incredible photos and his real name is Tucker Taylor. I think I’ve said enough.

#caprese #grazie @rossosantarosa

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Canadian content represent! This gluten-free Montréalaise mixes in a lot of scenic shots and they’re pretty darn tasty as well.

Kim-Julie Hansen is also behind another great feed called bestofvegan. Both are just stuffed with some of the best visual vegan out there. She’s got a few great books to check out as well.


“Creative healthy living + recipes.” That’s putting it lightly. Oh, and she really loves blueberries.

Homemade pistachio butter, vegan gluten-free flatbreads and healthy chocolate chip cookies? Yes. All of it.

Tofu and tempeh/veg brown rice sushi rolls ♻️ #macrobiotic #vegan #yasqueen

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Anyone with half a brain knows that sarcasm is good for you. But you know what’s just as healthy? Puns. Lots and lots and lots of puns. And this feed is absolutely punderful.

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