The 14 Best Airbnbs in the 14 Best Cities to Visit This Year

Earlier this year we gave you a list of 14 incredible cities to consider visiting this year.

We also told you about a Montreal castle you can rent on Airbnb.

You’re probably starting to get ideas – and hey, so did we. Because if you’re planning an epic trip, you might as well live like royalty.

So find some friends, book your flights, and feel like a king or queen in these 14 incredible Airbnbs in some of our favourite cities in the world…

Havana: 4-bedroom penthouse in the Cuban capital with ocean views and swimming pool. 8 guests, $1309/night.
Reykjavik: The best of modern Iceland in the capital’s downtown. 16 guests, $812/night.
Belgrade: When in Belgrade, opt for the villa16 guests, $575/night (!).
Dublin: This is probably not how you pictured Ireland. 6 guests, $609/night.
Lima: Panoramic ocean view – yup, we’re sold. 6 guests, $748/night.
Bergen: Can you really beat living on an island? 12 guests, $1913/night.
Windhoek: This’ll do just fine in Namibia. 8 guests, $77/night.

Canberra: Stunning cottage” just about sums it up. 12 guests, $536/night.
Palawan: Private island villa. Say no more. 10 guests, $1258/night.
Vilnius: We couldn’t guess an era for this design if we tried… 12 guests, $609/night.
Denver: When you’re going to Colorado, there’s no other choice but a mountain lodge. 12 guests, $1252/night.

Florence: This is what we expect when we think of Florence. 8 guests, $812/night.
Pamplona: Prime bull-watching location. Beware of bulls. 8 guests, $1488/night.
Ljubljana: Ok, so it’s a little outside the city. But still… 12 guests, $755/night.


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