The 11 Best Luxury Fitness Clubs in Canada

Earlier this year, we gave you some ideas on how to get in the best shape of your life. Working out in the mornings, getting your greens, and dialing back on the Whoppers are all important lunges in the right direction, but a solid first step is to join a great fitness club.


And by great, we obviously mean really, really ridiculously good looking.

You’d be surprised how much additional motivation you can squeeze out of a squat when your gym doubles as a high-end Swedish nightclub and has amenities that would make Warren Buffet giddy. Also, a successful, motivated community around you makes a workout feel like a lot less work.

So if you’re looking to step up your gym game, here are some of the finest facilities across the country. Don’t worry; it’s ok to stare…

Mansfield Athletic Club, Montréal
Fitness club layouts don’t get much cooler than this, and between kickboxing, yoga, personal training and Brazilian Butt-Lift classes, there’s a lot of something for everyone. And feel free to stop by The Bistro after your shower for a smoothie and a blue-cheese-crusted filet mignon.

The Cambridge Club, Toronto
Do you enjoy leather-bound books and the smell of rich mahogany? A place that offers boxing training, supple leather chairs for squash-watching, whiskey tastings, and a place to eat called, “The Oak Room”? Then this is your kinda club. But sorry ladies, this one is gents only.

Studeo 55, Vancouver
Is it weird to want to be friends with a gym? Because this place is that cool. Based around a private training program, Studeo is small, smart and intimate, and if folks like Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Nick Cannon dig the place, there’s a good chance you will too.

The Bow Valley Club, Calgary
With access to gender-dedicated exercise floors and lounges, on-site meeting rooms and some pretty fine fine dining, this downtown Calgary club catering to executives and professionals definitely makes it easier to get down to fitness and business.

Equinox, Toronto
Yeah, we know, they’re actually a US company, but when you’re this pretty, does it really matter? A “sanctuary of sleek, modern sophistication” with “a wealth of windows and open space” – yeah, that’ll work. And those locker rooms…

Midtown Athletic Club, Montréal
This family-friendly fitness/social club has just about every program and service you’d ever need, all within the walls of beautiful, modern design. They say they’re more resort than club, and given some of the outdoor pools and facilities, they’re not wrong.

The Arbutus Club, Vancouver
If you can get an invite here, or pay their $55,000 (+tax) entrance fee, you probably should. On seven acres, among other luxuries this club has a full racquet sports program, fitness and upscale dining facilities, a curling rink, an NHL-sized arena, and four sound-proof music studios for when you finally decide to cut that next album. Might wanna get on the waiting list now…

The Yorkville Club, Toronto
From the Kiehl’s locker room products, to the bath-sized towels, to club-wide WiFi and pristine facilities, this gym is the perfect Yorkville area complement. And its crawling proximity to Whole Foods is a huge bonus.

Banker’s Hall Club, Calgary
Geared directly at the professional crowd, one of the nicest features here is its affiliations. A membership at Banker’s gets you into several other top-tier fitness venues across the country, including the Cambridge Club mentioned above, the Winnipeg Winter Club, and the Royal Glenora in Edmonton.

Catalyst Waterfront, Victoria
No exorbitant entrance fees, no gimmicks, and no waiting list; just a gorgeous, naturally-lit fitness training facility with nicer showers than your home and an even nicer view of the waterfront. The luxuries of simplicity and scenery are some of the finest available.

One Health Club, Mississauga/Oakville
Perhaps the most “commercial” of the clubs on this list, One Health doesn’t have the country club or resort-style perks, but it pretty much has the best of everything else – from stunning change rooms/whirlpools, to state-of-the-art equipment, plush group class rooms and a great café that serves surprisingly good pizza. Um, you know… the healthy kind of pizza…