The 10 Best Celebrity Work BFFs of All Time

We already gave you 9 Signs You’ve Found Your Work BFF.

But in case that wasn’t enough inspiration, we’re back with a breakdown of the best work place friends to ever bond in film, fiction, and (gasp) real life. In fact, some have done it in more than one category.

So if you’re still looking for your stationary soul mate, your kindred computer spirit, or someone who’d never think of leaving you alone on a coffee run, these are the best examples you’ll ever come across.

Tiny Fey & Amy Poehler
From SNL to the Academy Awards, this duo has made us laugh and cry (from laughing) too many times to count. They’ve also made us want to be their third wheel forever. If only they would answer our calls…

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Jim & Pam (The Office)
Long before they fell in love, got married, and became the couple we all knew they could be, this adorable pair was busy making their workday all the fun in the world. But what better way to start a relationship than on a solid foundation of office friendship? Bonding over silly jokes, pranking Dwight, and quick glances at the camera, these two had the office friendship you’ve always dreamed about.


Affleck & Damon
Good. Will. Hunting. Just watch this and tell us these two Baastan boys aren’t the happiest best friends to ever make it out of Southie:

Frank & Doug (House of Cards)
We admit, it’s a bit of a strange friendship, but nobody has been there for The President quite like Doug. It might be a case of one friend loving the other just a little bit more (yes, it is kind of creepy), but when you’re POTUS, sometimes you have to put the rest of the country ahead of your feelings.


Jen & Courtney
Best ‘Friends’ in character and off set, is there anyone you’d rather share cocktails with than Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox? Proving that some Hollywood relationships do indeed last, the pair have been BFFs since ‘The Rachel’ haircut was a thing (yes, that was 20 years ago). The two have both partied and vacationed together countless times, and always have one another’s back – whether with sunscreen or to slam down rumours to reporters.

Sherlock & Watson
The ultimate example of the works well together friendship, Watson knew when to take a backseat to his friend’s genius – while at the same time, his crucial insight was needed to help solve a case.


Mulder and Scully
If there was any doubt that these two co-workers, lovers, and, well, weirdos (but in a good way) weren’t the perfect match, they’re returning to Netflix with six new episodes to remind you how great they were together.


Jimmy Fallon & The Roots
Let’s face it, Fallon convincing The Roots to come with him to The Tonight Show was as big a coup as you can get. And there’s almost certainly no way this would have happened if they weren’t friends with or without the late night lights on.


Paul Newman & Robert Redford
The original Hollywood glamour pals, these handsome and successful actors were best friends in real life and on screen (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). Though we’re pretty sure that networking and meeting people at their after-work cocktail events must have been a real struggle for both of them…

Butch And Sundance

Tom Hanks & (Rita) Wilson
Rumour has it Hanks named the famous Cast Away volleyball after his wife (yes, we know that’s the name of the company, but it could have been any ball, no?). They’ve worked together (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?) and been married for almost 30 years, aka forever in Hollywood terms.