Terrifying Video Captures the Moment Mount Everest Climbers Are Buried by an Avalanche

Mount Everest is probably one of the last places in the world you want to be when an earthquake hits.

This insane video captured by German climber Jost Kobusch at base camp is proof:

The video begins with Kobusch remarking that the ground is shaking, almost amusingly. His amusement quickly shifts to heart-stopping panic as he notices a towering wall of snow barrelling towards the base camp, and one gets the impression he knows life hangs in the balance almost immediately.

After the assault dissipated, Kobusch and several of his colleagues chillingly began to search for survivors among the flattened landscape. 

Though he was lucky to escape the disaster alive, others weren’t so fortunate: 17 people died at the camp, making it the deadliest avalanche on Mount Everest in history. 

The earthquake that triggered the avalanche has so far killed almost 4,000 people in Nepal. 


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