Teestroyed Redefines the Distressed Look

Teestroyed gives a whole new meaning to the “distressed” look; and these t-shirts are anything but typical. We know, you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the t-shirt. How about one splattered with bulletholes? Enter teestroyed: each shirt is shot with a 12-gauge shotgun, using live (lead-free) ammunition shot on a gun range. Seriously. What makes each tee unique is that no two bullets disperse the same way, creating a different effect on each shirt. This means that every single piece produced is 100 per cent one of a kind. Each t-shirt is so authentic that it can’t be replicated in a factory, or by the company, even if they tried. This extensive, fully hands-on process has never been done before and the movement is starting with organic roots, with each shirt handprinted using silk screens and lettering with the best quality watersol inks available.

Not even a year old, Teestroyed was started in fall 2011 in an effort to put a new spin on the t-shirt and go where no tee has gone before. Busting on the scene with a strong fashion statement, shooting the garments was the method of choice for the YP duo behind tesstroyed, Corey Niddam and Jared Caplan. Niddam, a University of Western Ontario grad, developed an eye for fashion trends through his family apparel business and time spent working at Alfred Sung International Sourcing. Co-owner Jared Caplan is a Wilfrid Laurier grad with a background in the Canadian music industry, and transfers his skill set and experience to the marketing and public relations initiatives at teestryoed.

Teestroyed provides a means for these YPs to showcase their design skills and creativity. Forward designs and colours are carefully chosen to reflect the trends of the season. Bright and definitely eye-catching, the shirts come in neatly packaged plastic, complete with a red warning label, cautioning wearers that the garment may contain gun shot residue and to wash before wearing.


The t-shirts, however, are not shot in vain. The design concept is linked with an opportunity to help others – an increasing occurrence among young fashion brands. Teestoyed ventures into a charity initiative that until now has been virtually untapped among Toronto’s young professional set. In response to the rhetoric of politicians and news outlets alike who report on common issues among soldiers returning home from combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond, Teestroyed aims to create a movement to help soldiers re-adjust to society and help everyday people understand the combat stress, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, that 30 per cent of veterans silently suffer. 

The clothing line symbolizes their invisible wounds through the manipulation of fabric. The raw imagery of the bullet shot clothing connects directly with the damage that PTSD creates for returning servicemen and women. For every t-shirt sold, the company will donate $1.00 to the PTSD Association of Canada.

The t-shirts may even provide your opportunity to chat with that sexy stranger, or potential business connection, this summer, serving as an intriguing conversation piece. The bullet holes make for an interesting story, provoking the question “how did you get your shirt to look like that?” At $25 each, they won’t break the bank, either.

Teestroyed t-shirts can be ordered here.