Technotable: A Look at Deepayan Acharjya’s Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Dee is a “technotable” young, hip, and brilliant engineer/musician/mad scientist and the founder of i4see, a Montreal company that builds gadgets that solve real world problems. Recently, he created a Bitcoin hardware wallet that enables individuals to store their crypto currency onto a device (computer programs or apps).

So, how does the wallet work?

According to Dee, the MontraOne hardware wallet stores the bitCoins (private keys) in a “crypto memory.” The Crypto memory is designed to hold secrets that can only be accessed after authenticating using a pin, and has built-in protection against brute force or other attacks. The MontraOne also contains a 32-bit free scale processor that can sign transactions in a fast, secure manner. In combination with “unsecured” online wallets (computer programs or apps), the MontraOne ensures that Bitcoin private keys are never compromised.

In layman’s terms:

Your Bitcoins are safe, and the product was sold to one of the founders from the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada last month.

With the demand for this type of technology constantly changing and advancing, Dee does whatever he can to stay on top of the game. He hits up tech meet-ups and participates in online debates by sharing in forums on a regular basis.

Currently, he is working on an Arduino compatible wireless micro-controller, which is extremely up-and-coming in the DIY engineering network. Dee knows that the last few months have seen tremendous innovation by RF (radio frequency) chip manufacturers, and Aurbee, the next step in this process, is well timed to bring these cutting edge innovation to the Arduino eco-system.

Dee is consistently waiting on the tech community to create these demands for him. As a result of his intuitive and careful calculations, he always knows when to make a move. 

“Again, we know it’s the time to do it via direct interactions with the Arduino community,” he says. 

Aurbee’s kickstarter will be launched Tuesday, May 27th at Studio 1611-1 St. Denis from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. For more information on this project and to stay tuned on the official launch info, you can consult Aurbee’s Facebook page here.

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