Taylor Swift is on Pace to Make Nearly Half a BILLION Dollars This Year

You already know we’re big fans of Taylor Swift, so you can bet we’ve been keeping up with every single video from her insane 85-stop 1989 world tour.

And while each T-Swift performance is impressive, it’s the sheer magnitude of her shows we can’t get over. Every one of them is like game five against the Rangers – sometimes with an even bigger audience – with ticket prices in the Blue Jays’-first-time-in-the-playoffs-in-two-decades range.

Every show reportedly rakes in more than $5 million, which means she’s made over $1 million a day in 2015.

Add to that a host of endorsement deals and dozens of other sponsorship opportunities, and it’s probably safe to assume she sleeps on a Breaking Bad piles of cash at night.

Yesterday, Business Insider cited financial analysts who believe Swift will make $474 million by the end of the year. To put that in perspective, the three highest-earning hip-hop artists — Diddy, Jay Z, and Drake — didn’t even make half that last year. Combined.

As if being one half of the highest-earning celebrity couple in the world wasn’t enough.

Probably wise to enroll in Taylor Swift’s school of business.