Taste Restaurant

Located in Calgary’s Hotel Arts block of 1st Street, Taste Restaurant is a top choice for entertaining clients or catching up with old friends. Going to Taste is worth it if only to read the wine list. A monthly themed list, with names like “Santa’s For a Brand New Bag” and “$10 Grab Bag” feature wine descriptions that are witty, playful and surprisingly accurate – if it tastes like dirt, they aren’t afraid to let you know. To go along with the wine selection, Taste Restaurant features a number of small plates to be shared with the table.

The first thing that jumps out about Taste Restaurant is the passion for food that Chef Shawn Greenwood brings to the menu. The menu is routinely changed according to the seasons and availability of local ingredients. The second thing that stands out is that there’s something called “The Big Bankowski,” which turns out to be the entire night menu. If you’re planning on enjoying a lengthy evening with a big group of friends, adding The Big Bankowski to the occasion is sure to make it a memorable one.

The day menu features upscale comfort food, which seems to be a popular trend among Calgary restaurants. The Grilled Cheese sandwich would be just like what mom used to make – if your mom were in favour of adding blue cheese, brie and aged cheddar to your toasty lunch before cutting off the crusts. There are also a variety of delightful salads for those looking for a light lunch, including Quinoa Salad with cucumber, tomato and chevre. Taste also offers cupcakes to go, yet another food trend, though one that extends beyond Calgary.

The night menu is conveniently divided into five, ten and fifteen dollar plates as well as the larger tasting boards. The dishes at Taste Restaurant are meant to be shared, and there’s no better place to go with a hungry group of friends to try and eat everything on the menu. Taste Restaurant, 1210 1st Street SW, Calgary, 403-233-7732.