Target Liquidation Sales Could Begin This Week

First, there was shock

Then came a little light at the end of the tunnel – before being drowned out by further outrage

And now we arrive at the final stages of the Target Canada saga: liquidation. A silver lining, if you can be so bold as to call it that. After all, it’s hard to justify spending money at a place that just closed 133 stores nationwide and laid off almost 18,000 employees.

The American retail giant’s Canadian Twitter feed announced liquidation will begin early this month following court approval of a liquidator. This will undoubtedly mean bottom-feeding sales, though they won’t actually be advertised. 

Oh, and another issue: will there be anything left to sell?

Target announced they’ll be having their liquidation sales in 2-3 weeks. So expect empty shelves in 2 years ago.
— Lars Callieou (@ExtraLars) January 24, 2015


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