Tara Rivas: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur is Tara Rivas, who’s living out her passion for fashion as the head designer of Canadian label TMR Collection. We caught up with her to find out where she loves to wine and dine in Toronto, and what advice she would share with other young professionals…



1.  Describe what you do in less than 140 characters. Go.
Head designer, TMR Collection.

2.  What was the inspiration for your career route?
My love of fashion and desire to create, combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, inspired me in my career path.

3.  What is the most memorable milestone in your career so far?
I was ecstatic to see my designs come to fruition, from my sketches to the final product. I’ll never forget the moment I saw my clothes come to life on the models at the very first photoshoot.

4.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?
Within the next 5-10 years, I hope to have a design studio in Toronto, a strong online retail presence, and be featured at exclusive boutiques and department stores across Canada and the US. In 20 years, I see the collection expanding into subsequent lines, like childrenswear. Since TMR is very personal to me, I see the collection evolving alongside my life.

5.  Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Pay attention to the small details. Don’t shy away from constructive criticism; it will only help you to improve. Find a mentor or two. Give it your all!

6. Do you support any charities? If so, which one(s) and why is it (or they) important to you?
Not at the moment, but I plan to support a local or national charity in the future.

7. What is one major challenge that you’ve had to overcome in your career? How did you overcome it?
One major challenge I have had to overcome is getting used to the pace of seasonal design and production schedules. With discipline, organization, guidance and the support of my team we were able to push through, and I know we will continue to do so in the future.

8. What does the word notable mean to you?
Something significant, admirable and impressive.



1. Where is your favourite place to wine/ dine in your city and why?
I’m a bit of a foodie, so I have many favourite go-tos, but as of now, I am really enjoying Byblos. It’s a hidden gem located at 11 Duncan Street. Their menu contains an eclectic range of flavours and vintage cocktails that will have you going back for more. I highly recommend it.

2. What’s the most visited website on your Internet browser? The most played song on your phone?
The most visited website on my browser is Pinterest and the most played song on my phone is Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake (feat. Majid Jordan).

3. Who’s one person you think everyone should be following on social media?
Definitely Jeanne Beker (@thejeannebeker). She’s a Canadian fashion legend.

4. What’s your favourite country to visit and why? And what’s the next one you plan on travelling to?
My favourite country to visit would have to be Italy. I recently visited the Amalfi Coast this summer and the breathtaking views, food, fashion and friendly people never fail to impress me. Next, I plan on exploring more of Canada and its beautiful landscapes. 

5. What gives you the greatest FOMO?
I rarely feel the fear of missing out, but when I do, it usually revolves around not being able to make it to a great concert or music festival.

6. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Without a doubt, Oliver & Bonacini’s Carrot Cake topped with lemon sorbet.

7. What’s something you wish you didn’t spend so much money on? What’s something you wish you spent more on?
I wish I didn’t spend so much money on manicures and pedicures, but hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right? If time permitted, I would spend more money on hobbies and enroll in fitness, culinary and photography classes.

8. And finally, what does success look like to you? Work, play, or otherwise…
Success to me is achieving your personal and professional goals, doing something you love every day with integrity, building strong personal relationships, and giving back to society.