Talking Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Three Hit Wonder Chantal Fry

On this week’s episode of The Lucky Few Podcast, hosted by Aaron Parker, Chantal Fry discusses what it’s like owning and operating 3 businesses while being a mother, wife, and performer.



Chantal Fry grew up as a professional figure skater only to realize that her creativity and flair made her better suited for a different kind of skating. She then traveled Europe with an Ice Skating company and soon fell in love with France and a fine gentleman named Laurent. After years of hard work and combining her three passions, Chantal is now the owner and operator of 3 successful businesses and has become an industry name that many entrepreneurs look up to. On this week’s episode, Chantal talks about taking skating out its traditional context with her popular business Glisse on Ice. We then dive into French culture and explore what supplying some of Toronto’s best restaurants with ingredients is like thanks to her business Savourez Fine Foods. Tune in as we learn about Rosé, multi-tasking, saying yes to new experiences and having what it takes to run a business.

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