Take Back the Night With Science.

Can we see a raise of hands for all the adults out there that have had zoos, museums or roadside attractions ruined?

Just when you thought you were about to get a glimpse of the penguin exhibit or Tyrannosaurus Rex, hundreds of tiny people with their sticky popsicle hands emerge and instantly crowd around the very attraction you were so looking forward to seeing. To make matters worse, parents in hot pursuit armed with their cameras and Kleenex boxes follow the initial stampede of rug rats. At this point you have no chance to get any sort of view. There is nothing to do but move on to check out the gold fish.

Well, adults, we have news for you: The Telus Spark Science Centre (220 St Georges Dr NE) has adult night once a month. That’s right. The second Thursday of every month is for grown-ups only. From 6pm to 10pm, the Science Centre becomes a place of exploration complete with live DJs and a licensed bar. Every month the science centre has a cool new theme and you are invited to take in the world of science, technology, art and innovation. Create constellations, find out how your brain reacts, create your own waterways with one of the many interactive displays, and experiment with weirdly delicious molecular gastronomy.   

This month the theme is space, and on November 14th the Telus Centre is going to celebrate the birthday of Carl Sagan, a respected mind of the 21st century who is remembered for his contributions to the science community. One of Sagan’s most notable contributions was his quest to make contact with extraterrestrial life in space by attaching messages to equipment destined for exploration. Sagan was key in the creation of the plaques that were displayed on space probes like Pioneer 10, 11 and the Voyager in the 70s. On the evening of the 14th you’ll also have a chance to create your own messaging for extraterrestrial life. Brian Batista, a talented local artist, will be displaying is artwork that pays tribute to Sagan.

At this edition of Adult Night you can also learn more about mass explosions in the universe and the scientific phenomenon known as the dark energy enigma. Perhaps the coolest feature at this adult night is the attendance of the Calgary Rocketry Association. Volunteers from the rocket association will be able to answer questions and not only show you how to build a rocket, but also how to launch a rocket and what you would use for jet fuel.  

Get ready to enjoy a beer and some great music while you learn more about space. General admission for this event is $25. We recommend that you go online to purchase your ticket in advance.

Photo courtesy Telus Spark