Take Back Patio Season in January

We Canadians love our cold weather and that rings especially true in places like Alberta. Here we’ve learned to celebrate Old Man Winter’s presence with hockey, ice fishing, backcountry touring and, for the craziest of people out there, polar bear clubs.

That said, if diving into frigidly cold waters in your bikini and shorts isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, then we have a much better suggestion – it involves keeping your clothes on and heading to Container Bar.

Toted around town as the new ‘it’ bar this summer, the Brasserie and Winebar’s alleyway hangout resembles something you’d see in Southeast Asia. This pop-up spot became an instant sensation and the most popular place to sip on gin and tonics. Container Bar has been closed for some time now, but next week it will be opening up for a special night of food, drink and taking back the patio in what feels like the coldest month of winter.  

It may be OK to carry a flask on the ski hill, but that’s not the case here. To help keep you warm, you can expect at least six different kinds of bubbles to sip on. This is so much classier than swigging whiskey on the chairlift and a great way to get into celebrating Friday night.

Adding to the evening’s festivities, guest shucker Eric Giesbrecht will be setting up an oyster bar to serve everyone’s favourite aphrodisiac and a little caviar on the side. Think Great Gatsby meets the Arctic Circle.   

You’re probably excited about the bubbles and the oysters but wondering what you should wear to something like this. The good news is there are several dress codes in effect.

Suggested style guidelines for this party are furs and diamonds or parkas and snow pants – and we suggest going all out whatever you choose to wear. If you don’t own fur, then raid your grandma’s closet immediately.

Alternatively, if you feel like adding a little camp to your evening wear, then hit your nearest thrift store for a vintage sun-ice combination and make sure it’s one size too small. This look is an easy conversation starter.

And here’s one more tidbit of advice: We wouldn’t encourage overdoing it on drinks, but you might want to consider bringing your GT Snow Racer or toboggan. After all, you and your friends want to ensure you have a safe ride home.  

It doesn’t get much more Canadian, eh?


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