Take a Look Inside Some of the Most Luxurious Homes in Canada

We’re not just talking pricey, we’re talking over the top. 

If you’re looking for premium, this is exactly where you’re going to find it.

And since we’ve been working with MINI Canada to help celebrate the launch of their amazing 2015 MINI 5 door, we thought what better doors to open (other than theirs, of course) than some of the most exclusive in the entire country?

So if you have an extra 10-20Mil lying around, we may have just found your new home.

Just make sure you invite us over for the welcoming party. Seriously.

Why hello there, Mr. Gatsby, how nice of you to join us. For a ‘meagre’ 8.5 million you could be living like it’s the Jazz Age just outside of the city centre. 27 spectacular rooms straddle the Saint Lawrence, while a two-boat garage means you’re just seconds from thinking about the river to actually being on it. Just make sure you don’t follow the green light too far, it didn’t work out all that well for old Jay… 

Courtesy of Garo Kazandjian, Remax

So you want to get ostentatious, huh? Well, how about a Bridle Path address fashioned after France’s most famous home, The Palace of Versailles? That’s right, this near-complete project lets you pick and choose the finishing touches on your very own palace. Think: 27,000 square feet of living space, 30-foot-tall Corinthian columns, 14 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, heated onyx floors, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and much, much more. Talk about joie de vivre.

Courtesy of Concierge Auctions

The west was made on wide-open spaces (just ask The Dixie Chicks), so it should come as no surprise that this 6 Million dollar Calgary option “has an elevated location with commanding views of the mountains and surrounding countryside.” In fact, everything about this upscale option seems to be big. The office, the home theatre, the master bath, and a rec rom that makes a full size ping-pong table seem small. If this is what it takes to save a cowboy these days, we’re all in.

Courtesy of Stewart J. Lowe & Anne M. Lindsay, Remax

When you live in one of the most-beautiful cities in the world, it helps to have a view. Well, for just shy of 16 million, you can have a view (of a little thing we like to call the Pacific Ocean) from pretty much any room in this spectacular 3-story house.  In case you were unclear about it before, this is what 5600 sq. ft. of paradise looks like. Hot tub and lounge chairs included.

Courtesy of Jason Soprovich, Royal LePage


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