Indiegogo Leads to Prosperous Campaigns for 7 Canadian Startups

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for ambitious young entrepreneurs who lack the capital required to launch their ideas. Indiegogo has lead to the success of businesses in everything from fashion, tech, and hardware design, to film directors, artists, and social innovators. Here are 7 Canadian Indiegogo-funded campaigns to watch
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Four Israeli Startups Every Young Professional Needs To Know

We recently dove deep into the Israeli start-up scene to highlight some of the leaders in the mobile industry. There's a very good chance that you're already using some of these apps; but if not, here they are
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Strange Startups and Eccentric Entrepreneurs

Having doubts about the audacity of your latest business proposal? Searching for inspiration for the next great startup idea? Bored? We've compiled a list of the zaniest startup ideas for your entertainment, affirmation, or inspiration. Hey, you never know
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