Six Things We Learned at ConnectOTT

Last week we took a short trip to the nation’s capital to take in a night of networking at ConnectOTT, which connected ambitious and driven young professionals with high-powered industry leaders across various sectors. Lucky for you, you didn’t have to be at the conference to benefit from its value
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motionball's Paul Etherington Talks Leadership

Because Paul Etherington doesn’t have time to do coffee with everyone (though we are sure he would if he could), we offer the next best thing: a monthly series where he answers some of your most asked questions and offers inspiring words of wisdom. We kick it off with his thoughts on leadership and charitable involvement
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Classic Leadership Strategies That Still Work

It seems that today there are unlimited ways, means, tools, and tricks being peddled via workshops, webinars, coaches, and books, as the “it” way to become a successful leader. In order to weed through all the hype and unearth the very best methods, we’ve stepped back from the saturated market of silver-bullet leadership strategies and returned to simpler times. Some current pros may deem these techniques as cliché or old school, but we see them simply as classic
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