11 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It's 11 o'clock – do you know where your costume is? Probably not since you don't have one and are reading this. Good thing we have 11 last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can throw together between now and your first blood orange martini tonight
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13 Haunted Locations You Didn’t Know About in Canada

Think you can handle a ghost sighting? Well, it turns out Canada is home to some seriously spooky spots. And the odds of experiencing the paranormal world only increase if you hit one of these 13 haunted places in the country. Happy Halloween…
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The Most Haunted Places in Alberta

Everyone loves a good ghost story and this is the perfect day to share some creepy tales with you. You might think of the Sixth Sense when you hear about ghosts, but here are a few local places that are way scarier than a Bruce Willis flick
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